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Approach Shot

serve return

One of the most important shots in tennis is the approach shot. My
thoughts on strategy is to get to the net as soon as possible to put
the point away. I am encouraged to see many players in the area charging the net and being aggressive; however, there are many times when I see the approach shot go long, wide, or into the net.

The important thing to remember is that the approach shot is used to
set up your volley. Depth and placement are the keys for an effective
approach shot. As you get better at depth and placement then you can think about pace and slice.

return of serve

In singles play here are a couple of tips:
1. Approach should be hit down the line. This cuts down on you court
coverage and your opponents chances to pass you.
2. Depth: this will give you more time to get to the net and your
opponent less time to set up for a passing shot.
3. Placement: As close to the corner where the baseline and singles
line meet. The further away from the corner you go the easier it will
be to get passed.


4. Split step

5. Volley

6. Congratulations you are up 15-love.

Remember, you may get passed and you may make a few errors, but please
don't stop going to the net, because with practice you will be hitting
winners left and right by using the approach as a set up shot for your
winning volley!

Practice good posture—head up and shoulders back. Employ a confident walk.

After the point is finished, put your racquet in your nondominant hand. This allows your hand to rest and relax, and more often than not you won’t be tempted to use or abuse your racquet in frustration.

Smile and enjoy the match.

Manage the time between points effectively. If the momentum is on your side, keep the flow of the match moving. If you’re making mistakes and in trouble, slow down, take some deep breaths, and have a clear plan for the next point.

Use the same routine before every serve. Make sure you bounce the ball a few times and visualize the serve you want to hit.